Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Wiggles are magical!

OK, so I feel a tiny bit guilty...

Monkey was in day care today, so I haven't spent a lot of time with him.

But when he got home, after only a single one-hour nap, I got the benefit of his fussy time... It feels so unfair sometimes that he has so much fun at school, and then I get the crankiness to finish off the day.

So we've played a bit, and I've made him laugh, but he's definitely in "high-maintenance" mode this evening. So what did I do? Turned on a Wiggles DVD (specifically, "Toot Toot," if you're taking notes...) And Monkey is completely mesmerized. I'm not sure he's even moved since I turned it on ten minutes ago!

Now, this isn't something I do all the time - I don't want him to turn into a brainwashed Wiggles zombie. But there is something about the Wiggles in particular that he just LOVES! He really enjoys a combination of music and dancing, and when he watches cartoons, he tends to tune out the narrative part of the show, and only watch the opening, closing, and other musical numbers. But with the Wiggles, it's all song and dance, almost ALL the time - It's Monkey heaven!

And I have a confession - The songs are kind of catchy, and I often catch myself singing "Fruit Salad" and other songs in random moments. :-) But I'm partial to the original Wiggles, and can't seem to accept that Greg had to quit and be replaced - the new guy just doesn't seem like a real Wiggle to me. :-( Lucky for me we have the older DVDs, so I can watch selectively.

And speaking of The Wiggles - Have any of you seen Disney's relatively new offering, The Imagination Movers? Maybe it's just me, but they seem like such a blatant Wiggles knockoff. Four guys, each of whom sings (or plays an instrument) and has some unique characteristic or quirk. On the one hand, I can't blame them for trying to piggy-back off The Wiggles success, but on the other hand, it just seems wrong. I like the history of The Wiggles - guys who wanted to be teachers and put together an act as part of their schooling. The Imagination Movers strike me more as wanna-be actor/musicians.

I have to wonder why I care about this, but there you have it.


Anonymous said...

While comparisons to the Wiggles are inescapable, Imagination Movers are not actually a "blatant Wiggles knockoff" and have a pretty interesting history of their own.


klalaw said...

Interesting background. I won't pretend that I'd done any prior research on the Movers, and the knockoff label is really just our kneejerk reaction to hearing about the show. But despite the fact that my husband and I were initially predisposed not to like them, Monkey has really taken to the show, and I find it growing on me. I think Monkey prefers real people to cartoons right now, but the colors, music, and dancing are what really gets his interest.

Beverly said...

Wow, Kristin, do you have PR people for Imagination Movers reading your blog? ;) Just kidding. Don't feel guilty! I sometimes plop Jack down in front of his favorite show when he's in "high-maintenance" mode, too. I don't do it often, but sometimes nothing else will cheer him up! He, too, loves the music and the colors on screen. TV is such a great parent's helper sometimes!

Kristen said...

haha Beverly! I was wondering the same thing.

And, confession, I've been singing the Dora song for the last two days!