Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mommy Confession

Here's the deal: I don't enjoy blowing bubbles with Monkey.

Of course, he LOVES it. And I really thought it would be fun, watching him chase after bubbles, etc. But here's the thing: Monkey's way of "blowing bubbles" is to dip the wand in the bubble solution, then just kind of FLING it, so that all the solution splashes to the ground (and on my pants, and on Monkey, etc.). Not a single bubble comes out of this motion - it's really just glorified splashing. And it is soooo not fun. But Monkey laughs hysterically.

At first, I was able to enjoy his enjoyment, because who doesn't love watching a toddler's face light up with laughter. But then.... sigh... I just got bored, and impatient, and wondered how I could talk him into doing something else.

And, in case you're wondering: No, he won't give up the want to Mommy so that I can blow the bubbles and he can gaze at them in wonderment and chase after them. Simply not an option. As Monkey is fond of saying: "I do!"

Bad Mommy. :-(


Beverly said...

LOL, not bad mommy ... sane mommy! Or maybe I'm bad mommy too. Whenever we run into an activity where Jack seems more intent on making a mess than on the actual activity itself, I get the heebie-jeebies. Sure, he's learning from the mess, but who's cleaning UP the mess?! I am!

Have you thought about getting a bubble machine instead? That way there's no wand involved. Of course, then Monkey will probably want to operate the machine ...

klalaw said...

I've actually had my eyes on a bubble lawn mower for outside... I'm just holding off on actually buying it until it seems like Spring weather is here to stay, because I don't want to listen to a chorus of "bubbles?" when we can't go outside. :-)