Thursday, March 12, 2009

Elmo Not-so-Live

OK, I have a confession to make...

I think Monkey is in the process of committing Elmocide. :-(

I bought Elmo Live! for Monkey for Christmas, partly because he LOVES books with Elmo, and partly just because I thought it was so clever and wanted to see what all he would say when taken out of the box and "test" mode.

And Elmo is pretty cool - he tells stories, dances, tell jokes, sneezes... all kinds of stuff. And initially, Monkey was fascinated (the dog, on the other hand, was a little wary, but can you blame him?). But then we discovered the "uh oh" feature. For those of you not familiar with this furry little robot toy, apparently he has a sensor that can tell when Elmo has fallen down, leading him to say "Uh oh, Elmo fell down. Can you pick him up, please?" Then, once Elmo is returned to upright position, he says "Thank you," and tells the kind helper that he/she is Elmo's best friend.

Well, I don't know if Monkey became intrigued with this particular feature or what. After all, "uh oh" WAS his first word. But soon, Mommy began to go crazy listening to the chorus of "uh oh"s and "thank you"s. Then, Elmo started to get a little wonky, Monkey stopped picking him up and just started dragging him around by the arms, and now Elmo sounds like the lady who's fallen and can't get up, with a creaky case of arthritis to boot. He creaks every time he moves, and is constantly begging for help, to Monkey's deaf ears. So Mommy started imposing "Elmo rest times," with the help of the little on/off switch on Elmo's foot. I'm frankly at the point where I'm not sure whether to try to save Elmo or to hide him somewhere to let his batteries die out in peace. Would that make me an accomplice??


Jhonen Olain said...

Oh, gosh, Kristin. I'M about to commit Elmocide in our household. Jack also loves the "uh-oh, Elmo fell down" feature, and he INSISTS and dragging Elmo by foot, with his arms dangling and his head bump-bump-bumping against the floor. I hear the "uh-oh" thing a lot. And, can I tell you how much I hate the fact that Elmo's stories (when his foot is pressed) are so darn long???? Jack keeps pressing the foot, too. If I have to hear about giants and cookies one more time, I'm going to scream. I really want to hide Elmo. I wish he had a volume control. I told Johnny to please address that with the folks at Fisher-Price!

Beverly said...

Ugh, that was Beverly -- I'm using Johnny's computer, and he has a blogger account for one of his nerdy online roleplaying games. ::roll eyes::

Swimming-duck said...

OMG - that sounds like it would drive me insane! I think I'd definitely be considering!

klalaw said...

OMG, yes, the stories are sooo long! And why can't they have a "shuffle" feature, so he doesn't ALWAYS start with the one about the giant?

Elmo is currently sitting up on Monkey's bookshelf, with dead batteries, where I'm kind of hoping he stays for a while. Although this morning, when Monkey was calling for me to come get him (and I was still doing my hair), I heard him switch from "Mommy" to "dog" to "Elmo"!

Oh, and I figured that was you, Beverly, but the name definitely made me do a double take! :-)