Thursday, August 28, 2008

Precious moments

Tonight, I had one of those moments that I know I'll look back on one day, missing the days when Monkey was still my little baby boy...

We were just sitting on the floor in the living room, him playing with some random toys while I played him a new Sesame Street CD (a nostalgia purchase on my part, because many of the songs were on MY Sesame Street record - as in vinyl - as in "yes, I am old"). He gradually started to wind down as bedtime got closer, and walked over to me and sat down just as Kermit started singing "It's Not Easy Being Green." The Monkey leaned back against my legs, and I started playing with his hair. Thinking it might put him to sleep before I got him to his crib, I stopped, only to have him look at me like "hey, keep it coming!" So there we sat, listening to Kermit's wise words, a mother running her fingers through her son's freshly-washed hair, just relaxing and being close. No big deal, right? But at what age will he not let me do that anymore, because it's not "cool," or he's mad at me, or he doesn't have the time? When will he stop wanting to sit in his mommy's lap, or cuddle, or give hugs and kisses? I hope I can teach him to be affectionate, and that there's nothing "girly" about it, but you just never know. All I know is that tonight, it was a special moment for just the two of us, and I treasure that.

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Beverly said...

Awww, that's so sweet. This entry made me tear up a little bit! I know what you mean ... our "babies" are no longer babies anymore. They are turning into little boys by the minute! I'd like to think we still have years ahead of us where we can cuddle them close. The part that hurts the most is that they won't remember these precious moments with us! But, having our love and a close relationship with us from day one has a lasting impact on our sons, I'm sure!